A great summer read!

The story of Eun Pahk and her new life in Los Angeles will move you, inspire you, and make you laugh!

Experience Los Angeles as Eun does, a city of contradictions and possibilities, with gorgeous vistas and the harsh reality of lives lived on the streets.

Find out what Eun’s wise and unusual father tells her about love and romance. (“The way to care for someone is not to worry whether they care for you. Whether they love you does not matter.”)

Meet Eun’s co-workers, the honorable and the not-so-honorable, the kind and the unkind.  Discover the complexities of working in the trenches of a project constrained by limited resources and tight budgets.

“Finally a book that explores life at work! We spend so much time at work. We have friends, enemies, and intrigues at work. Finally a book that explores all that!” said a reader of Speaking English with My Father.


What Readers Are Saying!

“Speaking English With My Father is a book full of life philosophy. The father’s wisdom will light you up! It’s awesome!”

— Leilei Zhu, Shanghai, China

I recommend this book for students of English! When you read this story, you will come across useful expressions that you rarely see in textbooks. You can also sneak a peek at what life in Los Angeles is like, where many people have at least once dreamed of living.

— Minsum Kim, Seoul, South Korea